Discover the artistry of Aristaeus candles

Aristaeus candles are passionately, meticulously crafted in Durham, NC.

Featuring a custom blend of 100% natural waxes and uniquely luxurious fragrances inspired by mythology, our candles add enigmatic beauty and ambiance to your home.

Aristaeus began in 2023 as a "here's what I would do" over drinks with colleagues one evening. It was just an idea, casually tossed around as we talked shop, but I wasn't able to get out of my head. Almost a year later, that idea became reality.

I've worked in the candle and home fragrance industry since 2018. Learning about the intricacies and science behind wax, fragrance, and how candles work is an occupational hazard. What started as simply a job became so much more--a passion, a deep fascination, and a lifelong career.

I suppose being immersed in this world 9-5 just wasn't enough, I craved more. Over the years, I've had dozens of ideas for candle lines but Aristaeus was the only one that ever felt real and right.

I hope you love burning Aristaeus candles as much as I do, and I hope they bring a little mysticism, magic, and mystery to your day to day life.


what makes our candles so good?

  • our wax

    You won't find this wax anywhere else! We create our own custom, paraffin-free natural wax blend from US-grown soy wax, air purifying beeswax, organic fair trade coconut oil, and elegant olive wax. With a smooth finish and a clean, soot-free burn, Aristaeus candles are meticulously developed to provide a luxe experience from the first burn to the last.

  • our fragrances

    We take immense pride in the aromatic experience our scents provide. Aristaeus crafts our own custom blends in-house with precision and care from clean, high quality fragrance oils. Each fragrance is intentionally designed to elevate the sensory experience and create a sophisticated, quietly luxurious ambiance.

  • our expertise

    Well before Aristaeus was conceived, we've been immersed in the art and science of candle making. Since 2018, Cassi has helped candle makers around the world learn and grow in their craft. Handmade in small batches for the highest level of quality control, Aristaeus candles are created with both love and years of accumulated knowledge and practice.